Setting your Store up for Merchandising Success

Creating an instagram-worthy display is easy with Greenleaf's eye-catching patterns and inspiring give-back mission. Educate and enthrall your customers with the following Greenleaf Gifts merchandising methods!

Use product grouping to provide gifting inspiration.

When a variety of products are shown grouped together, the customer is shown, rather than told, what a moment with these items would feel like. Group products in threes to provide inspiration for their modern lifestyle. Orange and honey reed diffusers, along with a signature candle and sachet provide the perfect balance of function and flair. Group them together on a sink for bathroom inspiration or in a basket for easy gifting. 
Cater to all five senses.

Take the customer experience and tailor it to the buying patterns you want to see in your store. Welcome your customers with a scent that suits the season by burning a tester candle, keep items within easy reach so that they can experience different textures, draw attention to items you want to sell through first with an eye-catching display, play soft music to encourage a languid shopping pace, and provides samples of any food items you might have in stock or provide a complimentary beverage such as lemon water to refresh your shoppers. Providing a refreshing and calm shopping experience will encourage your customers to spend more time in your shop, and will increase their likelihood of repeat purchases. 
Educate with Signage.

Keep signage simple, streamlined, and informative. You can use signage to educate customers about Greenleaf Cares, the initiative through which proceeds from each Greenleaf purchase are donated to help break the cycle of human trafficking. Additional methods to make signage work for you include notifying customers of sales, gift ideas, or ways to use products such as sachets. 
Embrace technology.

Set up a creative, instagram-worthy display in your store and customers will create online buzz for you! You can also participate in a Greenleaf-sponsored social media giveaway to create excitement about Greenleaf products customers can find in-store or create your own giveaway that blends social media with in-store participation. Using technology to notify customers of in-store offers is a great way to stay relevant with younger customers and keep your product offering top-of-mind. 
Rotate. Rotate. Rotate. 

Keep inventory fresh by rotating displays around the store when new product comes in. Highlight new arrivals, then after a week or so, move something different into your best window-display to keep thing fresh and eye-catching.